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A Project Grow Alumni success story – introducing Pete Cabrera

 Project Grow has a positive, and lasting impact on the students who graduate the program. Adopt-A-Family recently caught up with a successful alumnus of Project Grow, Pete Cabrera, who took time out of his busy academic schedule to give insights into how the program made a difference.

Q 1: As a Project Grow alum, what made your experience in the program important to you?

A 1: Essentially, all of the aspects of the Project Grow program were important to me. They safely walked us (the students) over to the facility from school, offered homework assistance, and had an abundant number of extra-curricular activities for us to enjoy. Some of the extra-curricular activities included playing on the playground, educational field trips, science projects, singing events, and taekwondo classes. Moreover, the program mentors were always there to help with any inconvenience we encountered with challenges related to school or our personal lives.


Q 2: What is your favorite memory from your time in Project Grow?

A 2: My favorite memory of the Project Grow program has to be when they granted me the ability to travel to Washington D.C during my fifth grade year while I was a safety patrol. This was my first time outside of the state of Florida and that experience has stuck with me throughout my life. It connected me more with the outside world and gave me the opportunity to educate myself outside of the traditional classroom setting.


Q 3: How did the program impact your academic studies and schooling? Did it help you eventually choose a track toward medical school? A 3: Regarding academics, Project Grow taught me how to prioritize school work first. When we arrived at the facility, we would have snack time and immediately start working on our homework. This started the habit of always doing my school work first and having fun later. I would say Project Grow, in addition to Adopt-A-Family programming as whole, led to my decision in pursuing a medical degree.

The agency fostered my will toward wanting to give back to others – and this played a direct role in my pursuit of a medical school education. – Pete Cabrera 

Thank you for your time Pete, and we wish you well in your academic endeavors!


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