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Wiley Reynolds Society

In November 2005, Adopt-A-Family lost a dear friend, Mr. Wiley Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds was the agency’s first “adopter,” and a founding member of Adopt-A-Family’s Board of Directors. He was largely responsible for Adopt-A-Family’s growth and vision. Following his death, then Board Chairman John Castronuovo announced the formation of the Wiley Reynolds Society at the Annual Meeting to honor Mr. Reynolds’ legacy.

The society is comprised of friends of Adopt-A-Family who have historically contributed more than $100,000 and share Mr. Reynolds passion to positively impact the lives of others. Though he is deeply missed by family and friends, his name will always be associated with generosity, and his legacy will live on through the Wiley Reynolds Society Members.

Society Members

Ms. Nancy J. Kyle & Mr. John B. Fraser*
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Donahue
Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Dudnyk
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Meshberg
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Edelman
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Oberlink
Ms. Mary Jo Heller
Mr.* & Mrs. John R. Loomis
Mr. Jay R. Marcus
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Castronuovo
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. McGarrity
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. John Scarpa
Mrs. Meredith B. Trim & Mr. James L. Robo
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Hay III
Mr. & Mrs. George Michel Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dale R. Clift
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Parr
Mrs. Sara Jo Kobacker*
Mr. John P. Lipari
Mr. Walter Wick & Ms. Lisa Hedley
Ms. Mari Frankel
Mr. Thomas Frankel
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Koppelman
Ms. Elizabeth DeBrule
Mrs. Martha B. DeBrule
Mr. & Mrs. Garth E. Rosenkrance
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Larschan Jr.
Mr. & Mrs.* Lawrence Silverstein
Mr. & Mrs. David and Stephanie Gitlin

Foundation Members

Day 1 Families Fund
Gerstner Family Foundation
The Jim Moran Foundation
Lost Tree Village Charitable Foundation
The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation, Inc.
Cathleen McFarlane Foundation, Inc.
J.M. Rubin Foundation
The Celia Lipton Farris & Victor W. Farris Foundation
The Edward L. Hennessy and Ruth S. Hennessy Foundation
Kresge Foundation
The Batchelor Foundation, Inc.
The W. Dale Brougher Foundation
The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation
The Fortin Foundation of Florida, Inc.
The Lattner Family Foundation
Lawrence J. and Florence A. DeGeorge Charitable Trust
Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation, Inc.
The Harold and Kate Reed Family Foundation
The Kirkwood Fund
The Salah Foundation
The Smith Brothers Family Foundation
BallenIsles Charities Foundation, Inc.
John Ulbrich Charitable Trust
The Stone Foundation, Inc.


2023 Award Recipients

Wiley Reynolds Society Acknowledgement of Appreciation –¬†Martha and Elizabeth DeBrule¬†

For Martha and Elizabeth DeBrule, supporting Adopt-A-Family has been a family affair that has passed the test of time. The family’s unwavering dedication spans more than 25 years and includes in-depth involvement in fundraising, programs, advocacy, and so much more. Martha and Elizabeth have spent decades pouring their hearts and resources into Adopt-A-Family. Their kindness, generosity, and charm are felt in every area of the organization. Like Mr. Wiley Reynolds and fellow society members, the DeBrule family shares a strong desire to help others and make a difference in our community. Adopt-A-Family is thankful for their enduring support. It is truly an honor to celebrate such an incredible mother-daughter duo.

The Crystal Castor Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service – Adopt-A-Family Golf Tournament Committee

The Adopt-A-Family Golf Committee consists of eight passionate individuals who, year after year, put together one of our largest and most successful fundraisers. Each year, the golf committee introduces new sponsors and donors to the work we do, and increases awareness of the impact homelessness has on our community. Their commitment to our mission goes well beyond the golf
tournament‚ÄĒthey are true supporters and ambassadors of the work we do to provide housing and hope to families in need. Individually, they are each impressively talented, generous, and caring. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, and we are grateful for all that they do. To our Golf Committee, thank you for your support and dedication to Adopt-A-Family.


2022 Award Recipients 

Wiley Reynolds Society Acknowledgement of Appreciation –¬†Paula and George Michel

Since the agency’s beginning, Paula and George Michel have been a pivotal part of its history and evolution. Paula served as president of our Board of Directors from 1995 through 1997. Paula was critical to the early vision and growth of Adopt-AFamily. Together, Paula and George’s profound commitment to the mission of the agency has left a longstanding legacy of generosity and selflessness. We thank the Michels for their years of influential leadership and dedication.



The Crystal Castor Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service – Kathy Peterson

Kathy Peterson has been a generous and influential friend of the agency for over three decades. She has had the responsibility and distinction to serve as chair and co-chair of our Tree Lighting Celebration, helping us raise significant funds to assist families in need. Kathy is defined by her kindness, warmth, and consistent support of our clients and staff. We treasure the many years of partnership with Kathy and her husband Bill, and we feel honored to have their support.




2019 Award Recipients 

Wiley Reynolds Society Acknowledgement of Appreciation –¬†Nancy J. Kyle and John B. Fraser

Nancy J. Kyle and John B. Fraser with their Wiley Reynolds Society Acknowledgement of Appreciation Award

It is an honor to recognize Nancy and Jack as recipients of the Wiley Reynolds Society Acknowledgement of Appreciation Award.¬† Like Mr. Reynolds, Nancy and Jack share a strong desire to extend a helping hand to families in need.¬† For nearly two decades, their investment in our mission has allowed us to make a measurable impact on the lives of thousands of families in Palm Beach County.¬† We are humbled by how much they care and their willingness to help strengthen our community.¬† Adopt-A-Family recognizes and appreciates Nancy and Jack’s passionate and dynamic support of the work we do.



The Crystal Castor Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service – Debby Parr

Debby Parr with The Crystal Castor Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

Debby Parr has kept Adopt-A-Family close to her heart for twenty amazing years.¬† She has been an active and dedicated volunteer as well as a powerful ambassador for Adopt-A-Family’s mission.¬† Year-round, Debby works tirelessly to ensure the success of Tree Lighting, our biggest fundraiser, while also being at the forefront of every Adopt-A-Family special event.¬† Under her leadership as Tree Lighting Chair, Debby has been responsible for helping us raise significant funds to support our programs, allowing us to serve thousands of families in need.¬† She and her husband Ron are an integral part of AAF’s history, and we are grateful for their many years of unwavering support.



2018 Award Recipients 

Wiley Reynolds Society Acknowledgement of Appreciation –¬†Chris Oberlink

CEO Matt Constantine with Chris Oberlink and her Wiley Reynolds Society Acknowledgement of Appreciation

If you have the good fortune to know Chris Oberlink, then you know of her passion for¬†Adopt-A-Family and for the families we serve. Over the last thirty years, she and her husband Bill have truly made a difference in the lives of homeless families in Palm Beach County. Chris has dedicated her life¬† to our mission, and has been at the forefront of every Adopt-A-Family milestone. As a volunteer, she brings so much to the organization; skills, advice, experience, resources, friendship, vision, leadership, and inspiration. However, above all these, she chooses to donate to us the world’s most precious commodity, her time! It is an honor and a privilege to recognize her powerful and indispensable support to our agency.

The Crystal Castor Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service –¬†Heather¬†B. Ferguson

Former Board Chair Bill Peterson and Heather Ferguson with The Crystal Castor Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service

Heather is Adopt-A-Family’s longest standing board¬† member. Her caring spirit and unyielding commitment are what makes her a blessing to our agency and to the families we serve. Year after year, Heather volunteers her time, talent, and resources¬†in a humbling yet inspiring way. Adopt-A-Family is grateful to have Heather as one of our founding pillars. Heather, thank you for all that you do.

2017 Award Recipients 

Wiley Reynolds Society Acknowledgement of Appreciation –¬†Jayne and Tim Donahue

Jayne and Tim Donahue

Adopt-A-Family proudly recognizes Jayne and Tim Donahue for their powerful and meaningful support of our mission. Their generosity and tireless efforts have allowed us to carry out our vision in ways we never thought possible. Their commitment and trust to our organization has allowed us to transform the lives of thousands of Palm Beach County families. We are overwhelmed by their profound devotion and concern toward the families we serve.




The Crystal Castor Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service – Alice Tarone

Alice Tarone

The word strong barely begins to describe Alice Tarone. For many years, Mrs. Tarone has been the driving force behind all AAF fundraising efforts. She is one of our angels who unselfishly gives us her time, talent, and resources. Mrs. Tarone is an example of fortitude and grace, and an inspiration to all who know her. Thank you, Alice, for loving and supporting our mission in such a remarkable way.