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An Affordable Place to Call Home Allows NSP2 Client to Follow Her Dreams

Living affordably makes a true difference for our families — Meet Nancy E., an NSP2 Success Story.

We took the opportunity to catch up with Nancy and learn more about how having an affordable place to live has helped unlock her entrepreneurial spirit.

I’ve been in the NSP2 program for more than two years now. I had worked in the Lake Worth community for nearly a decade and knew about Adopt-A-Family’s work from my many years with the local CDC. When my life took an unfortunate turn, Adopt-A-Family was the first place I turned.  I qualified for the NSP2 program and my life has transformed ever since. 

That’s amazing. Tell us about your efforts to start your very own, socially conscious business.

I am starting my own business called “Creative Jeans.” Adopt-A-Family is the only reason I can pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. With an affordable place to call home, I can work full-time and dedicate time to my true passion. Truthfully an affordable place to live is the #1 blessing in my life. Ms. Glenda, my case manager, is #2. 

Tell us a little more about what you hope to accomplish with Creative Jeans.

A bit about my business – I write directly on jeans – the process is called “Apparel with a Message.” The message deals with different problems we may face; particularly our youth. This includes bullying in schools, DWI, drug recovery (any recovery) – all of this must tie back to a positive message I share directly on the jeans. I have some of the work at home where I’ve completed some projects. I’ve reached out to schools, including school counselors, to share this message directly with children that have behavioral problems. My end goal is to prevent children from going out on the streets and getting in trouble. They must avoid the many at-risk behaviors that are prevalent in our community. Another purpose of the business is truly to better myself. 

Tying it all together…

Adopt-A-Family helped me at a time in my life when I was on a downfall. Their support is special. Life is still a struggle from time to time, but I am certainly in a better place than I have been. In the end, I always aim to live up to my word. When I say something, or set a goal… I do my best.  To Ms. Glenda, I can’t thank you enough for being my case worker. Adopt-A-Family is truly allowing me the opportunity to live up to my dreams.

Nancy and her case manager, Glenda Williams!


All Adopt-A-Family success stories relate to the core message of our mission statement: stability and self-sufficiency for the families we proudly serve. If you don’t think our stories connect to mission, let us know!







View samples of Nancy’s work below.