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Adopt-A-Family United Way Campaign



In mid-October, Adopt-A-Family held its annual United Way Employee Campaign. Every year, the agency holds a week-long campaign to raise funds for The United Way of Palm Beach County as a way for AAF staff to show their appreciation for all that The United Way of Palm Beach County does for our agency and the community at large. 

For 2018’s theme, “Time Travel with Adopt-A-Family,” staff sang and danced at an 80s prom, soared into the Roaring 20s, got creative for Wacky Hair Wednesday, flew into the future, and ended with a 90s block party. We were blown away with the creativity some of the staff showed during each theme day! 

As fun as the costumes were, the true focus of the week was the incredible work that The United Way of Palm Beach County has done over the last 90 years. The staff showed their spirit by donating directly to the United Way of Palm Beach County, and we are proud to report that 100% of the agency’s 62 employees contributed, increasing the agency’s annual commitment by over 14%! 

Adopt-A-Family is continually grateful for the work that United Way of Palm Beach County does in the community and the support they give to the agency and the families we serve. 

To view all photos from the week-long campaign, click here. 

To learn more about The United Way of Palm Beach County, click here.

5 Tips for Fundraising with Adopt-A-Family 

Looking to raise money for Adopt-A-Family but not quite sure how to get started? Consider hosting a fundraising event!

Did you know that 80% of Americans believe it’s essential for people to come together in order to promote positive change–regardless of age, gender, income, or geography?

Fundraising events can make a big impact when advocating and spreading awareness for a good cause– like Adopt-A-Family! Each day, we’re working toward our mission to strengthen families with children in their efforts to achieve stability and self-sufficiency. By providing access to all-encompassing services for our families, we’re holding true to our withstanding vision of being leaders in “helping families help themselves.”

At Adopt-A-Family, we encourage our supporters to take action and give aid to our organization. With your help, we can reach our full potential! Fundraisers are a great way to get involved in our organization (and they’re fun too)! Here are a few important factors to keep in mind when planning your event!


1. Set a Goal
The foundation of hosting a successful event is understanding its overall purpose and goals. Are you seeking to bring in donations, or simply to spread awareness? If you’re after financial gain, start there. How much money do you wish to make, or even need to make in order to turn a profit? Ensure that all your objectives, no matter how easily attainable, have measurable targets. Registering your event through an online ticketing platform can allow you to track real-time sponsorships and donations! Analyzing your success is crucial to indicating changes to make in the future.

2. Create a Budget
Creating (and sticking to!) a budget can be one of the most stressful components of event planning, especially when fundraising for a nonprofit. When all is said and done, you want to be left with funds to donate to your cause! Establish a rough budget as soon as you begin event planning, and be sure to document all your costs through a spreadsheet. Even your smallest costs can add up to more than you may intend, so be sure to leave room in your budget for the unpredictable!

3. Host Your Event in Collaboration With an Upcoming Celebration
One of the most simple ways to host a fundraising event is to schedule it in tandem with a personal celebration! Requesting attendees’ “presence” instead of presents is becoming a popular trend in children’s birthday parties and holiday celebrations. Is your birthday, wedding, or anniversary right around the corner? Ask friends and family to donate to a meaningful organization (like Adopt-A-Family!) rather than giving gifts. Not only is this an effective way to fundraise, but it also reminds others to be charitable in their daily lives.

4. Choose a Unique Theme 
It’s important to remember that when planning a fundraiser, your guests are excited to contribute to a good cause, but they’re more excited to have a great time! Select a fun theme that will motivate others to both attend and donate. Make sure your event is unique, exciting, and in line with your cause or organization. From trivia nights to neighborhood street parties, the options are truly endless!

If you don’t have the time to host your own event, that’s fine! At Adopt-A-Family, we’re constantly hosting special events to raise money. Be sure to check out our events calendar .






An Education-Centric Plan With Hope Built In


Adopt-A-Family is embarking on a new affordable housing capital campaign and we’ve already received immense support from our community! Adopt-A-Family wants to share our sincerest thanks to the anonymous donor who has backed this exciting project. Because of their donation, we are able to keep moving forward with the Capital Campaign and get closer to bringing stability back into the lives of families throughout our community.


You can learn more about our Capital Campaign by clicking on the links to press releases below:


Adopt-A-Family launches capital campaign, receives $1 million gift 5.18.18 Palm Beach Happening
$1 million gift helps pay for 14 homes coming to Lake Worth by 2020 5.25.18 The Palm Beach Post

Adopt-A-Family is thrilled to be participating in Great Give 2018! Great Give Palm Beach & Martin Counties is a 24-hour online giving event led by United Way of Palm Beach County, Achieve, Nonprofits First, and United Way of Martin County designed to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits in a single day, held on 4/24, this year! This exciting community-wide event celebrates the spirit of giving and the collective effort it takes to strengthen our local nonprofits and better serve residents in need – from children and seniors to the environment and animals!

You can learn more about our campaign by click here

Why is it GREAT for our community?

  • Inspires as many people as possible to give.
  • Enriches our community’s spirit of giving.
  • Promotes and supports our local nonprofits.
  • Raises millions of dollars for community good.
  • Better serves our residents in need.


Only possible by online donations, you can find Adopt-A-Family’s special campaign for Great Give by checking out our giving page! It has information, interesting facts and an incredible Success Story about a brave, young girl in our Project Grow program. This unique giving page is also where you will go on the day of the county-wide event to give your donations! Please consider  joining us on this exciting day of giving back to our community in a fun, supportive and exciting way! Keep an eye out on our social media pages for daily updates on our campaign. And don’t forget to tag us on your pages if you commit to giving and/or give to our campaign on the day of! Let’s come together to impact our community in a positive way!






(for mobile viewing, turn your phone horizontally for best quality). 

Angela is a full-time crossing guard employed by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. As a single grandmother to David, a ten-year-old student in Project Grow, life poses many challenges. Adopt-A-Family has provided a stable, consistent, and nurturing environment David would otherwise not have while his grandmother is working.

“Coming to know Adopt-A-Family has turned the light on,” shared Angela. “It has been such a joy and peace of mind knowing David has a special place to go each day afterschool.”

Each day we see the positive impact a stable environment provides our families and children. Click To Tweet

We are asking for your support to ensure we provide access to opportunity and stability for more families than ever this year. Your donation will go directly to enhancing educational programming through our afterschool program, Project Grow, in addition to strengthening our efforts to end and prevent family homelessness throughout Palm Beach County.

When you Give with your heart for this year’s Great Give, our families and children grow, just like Angela’s.

We hope you will choose to #GiveAAF17.


About the Great Give: Great Give Palm Beach and Martin Counties is a 24-hour online giving event led by United Way of Palm Beach County, Achieve, Nonprofits First and United Way of Martin County designed to raise as much money as possible for nonprofits in a single day. This community-wide event celebrates the spirit of giving and the collective effort it takes to strengthen our community by raising critical funds for local nonprofits.

For our fourth and final Great Give program feature, we met with Daron Morse, Director of Youth Educational Programs, to learn how afterschool programming makes a difference in the lives of 60 students who call Project Grow home.

What are common barriers faced by students your program serves?

The children face so many challenges but also have so much potential. The largest barrier that most of the students face is overcoming the unstable past they experienced prior to entry into our program. When children move many times in a year and their whole life becomes uprooted with each move, the continuity of things like schooling, friendships, and secure attachments becomes jeopardized. When you add in family barriers such as income, transportation, language, and education, the children have so much to overcome to just be on par with their peers. Fortunately, our students are also very resilient and given the right environment, are able to be happy, healthy, and productive children.

What are some key goals for students who attend Project Grow? 

The first goal is that the children feel safe, both physically and emotionally.  This comes with time and occurs as the children experience stability. This is where Project Grow relies on Adopt-A-Family’s housing programs to ensure that the family is stable. Our second goal is to help each student succeed academically and reach their full potential. Although students often start our program more than a year below grade level, we are proud to say that on average 98% of students are promoted at the end of the year. Click To Tweet

From the perspective of the students you serve, what would you like the community to know (that they may not know) about the work that you do? 

What comes to mind is the misconception that afterschool programs are just a form of babysitting or a place where students “just go” to pass time.

The reality is, afterschool programs are a vital part of students’ days. Click To Tweet

Our children are provided with the academic support that they need while they are given the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with teachers and peers that they may not have time for during the school day. Afterschool is also a time that allows children to communicate what’s important to them. To put it simply, it all comes down to trust. Considering the challenging backgrounds our students have faced with homelessness and trauma, it is critical they have a place to truly feel safe and have their voices heard. They deserve it.

What makes your job so meaningful? 

Essentially, it is knowing that we are making a difference in the kids’ lives. We see it day after day, year after year.

To see our students happy and enjoy their lives, that’s incredible. Click To Tweet


Is there a recent success story you’d like to share that shows how the program makes an impact? 

Two children who graduated from Project Grow recently surprised us with a visit and shared how the program is still impacting their lives to this day. The two students, both now in high school, specifically highlighted how the program has shaped their study skills and habits. Even though their high school math homework may be challenging, Project Grow provided an academic foundation and established a level of work ethic that is helping them and other students long-term, throughout their high school years and beyond.




Pictured: Daron Morse, Director of Youth Educational Programs


When you give with your heart for this year’s Great Give, you are creating the opportunity for our children and families to grow. We hope you will choose to #GiveAAF17. 

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